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Witzenmann Russia
As the specialist for flexible metal elements, Witzenmann is your contact for decoupling vibrations and absorbing pipe movements.

Witzenmann Russia

Witzenmann Russia is a member of the globally active from 1885 Witzenmann Group. Backed by the competence and experience of Witzenmann as a technology leader, Witzenmann Russia is the ideal partner for planning of applications involving flexible metal elements.

The whole products of Witzenmann Russia correspond to internationally recognized quality standards. The company owns the necessary process and test equipment produced in Germany.

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There is nothing like direct contact. We will gladly take the time for a personal discussion and answer your questions individually.

Our Products

  • High pressure metal hoses
  • Multiply expansion joints for industrial and domestic application, max. DN 3000 mm
  • Exhaust expansion joints
  • Stripwound and flexible hoses
  • Constant hangers and supports
  • Gas hoses and steel hoses for fire protection systems

Our Services:

  • compensating calculation of pipeline system in special computation programs CAESAR II, START;
  • selecting an expansion joint, metal hose or pipe hanger and support with drawings’ provision;
  • installation and designer’s supervision in the territory of customer
    product training for customer’s representatives and for projects offices

  • technical support and advisory assistance for automotive companies in the field of application and operation conditions of various automotive parts
  • participation in tests, product analysis before and after road tests for the exhaust systems including decoupling elements
  • corrosion testing, vibro - and sound tests, service-life tests (for automotive parts)