Step by step:

2003: Foundation WI-RUS. Installation of the manual assembly line of automotive components

2003-2005: Projects development. The fist clients audit by «Теnneco Automotive Volga»

2006: Installation of the production line for metal hoses assembly. Standardized manufacturing operations. Successful audit TÜV (ISO 9001:2000)

2007-2008: Contracts with the biggest manufacturers in the automotive, metallurgical, oil and gas and petrochemical industry

2009: Successful certificating TÜV ISO/TS 16949

2010-2011: Construction and start of the new production building. Putting into operation of the new automated production line for the automotive decoupling elements, strip-wound hoses’ production line for the automotive industry, assembly line for the industrial expansion joints

2012-2013: Construction of the third production shop and start of the complete production cycle of the industrial expansion joints till DN 1000 mm

2014-2015: More than 10 official production audits were successfully undergone. Metal hoses and expansion joints made by Witzenmann Russia have been thoroughly tested and included on the suppliers’ register of AK “Transneft”; Witzenmann Russia has obtained the license for development and manufacturing of the products used in nuclear plants (safety class 2-4 ). The sales geography is being expanded continuously inside RF-territory, CIS-states, countries of European Communities.

2017: Construction of the forth production shop and start of the production of the industrial expansion joints DN 1200 - 3000 mm.

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