The base of production capacity is formed by the equipment and tools, developed by the specialists of Witzenmann GmbH and manufactured in Germany.

For production of the high-quality metal hoses and industrial expansion joints is used the modern assembly and welding equipment, notably: machines for cutting and pressing of connection parts, for the auxiliary operations; the high quality welders, welding rotators, the precise assembly and welding equipment protecting the weld seams with the inert gases. 100% of the produced metal hoses and industrial expansion joints are tested on the testing machines. The testing stands check strength and leak proofness in the full range of diameters and working pressure characteristics.

The production line for the automotive decoupling elements is also constructed in accordance with the modern requirements. These highly productive machines ensure the necessary production volume and, moreover, effect the constant computer control of the elements’ parameters, for example: strength, friction force during the elements movement and others.

The assembly equipment namely automatic rotary lines are the machines of the highest productivity and precision. We have also the equipment for cases when the consumer requires the additional identification of the product, for example the addition leakage test.


Software for selection and presentation of metal hoses, expansion joints, metal bellows, and pipe supports. more

  • Production capacity of the plant makes it possible to manufacture 20 pieces of industrial expansion joints and 250 metal hoses for one working shift.
  • Production capacity of the automotive decoupling elements line is 6000 pieces for one working shift.

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