As the integrated member of the Witzenmann Group with its 23 locations from Brazil to Korea, Witzenmann Russia possesses all the opportunities of the international logistic chain which enables the shortest decisions, delivery routes and comprehensive on-the-spot service: from the multimodal shipments from all over the world to the just-in-time supply handling.

The ongoing cooperation with the Customs, as well as the implementation of new technologies in goods declaring, such as electronic filing and remote access release, foster the time saving by shortening the procedure as low as practicable. Witzenmann Russia's storage facilities permit the simultaneous handing with the FIFO principle (First-In-First-Out) of about 700 storage bins through using the special inventory management program equipped with bar codes and laser scanners. Our own products shipping geography covers the whole Russia together with the Countries if Customs Union.

Witzenmann Russia

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